Adidas Originals celebrates 30 years of Torsion with the release of multiple ZX models from 1989. ZX trainers exploded in popularity in the UK three decades ago at a time when rave, dancehall, and hip-hop culture welcomed the bold color combinations on these runners. A cult-like affinity for the ZX series, affectionately called "Torsions," arose, and thirty years later, adidas has dedicated itself to the legacy of that era. 

As the book ZX: The Roots of Running describes, the ZX series with numbers in the thousands used Torsion technology to become "the first sports shoes that adapted to the movements of the foot."  The faithful rerelease of these models includes the ZX 5000, 6000, 7000, and 9000. The 5000 boasts a classic polybag mesh and suede with a Purolite foam midsole in white, grey, and aqua with purple borders on the Three Stripes. A similar construction appears on the 6000, a model aimed at stability with a white and cream upper contrasted with a red lining and teal stripes. The 7000 was a "guidance shoe" meant to correct runners with pronation problems and boasts a pastel colorway of purple and green. Billed as a "premium support shoe," the ZX 9000 has tech designed to support three different types of running motion issues, and does so in a sleek colorway with pastel green, dark green, and red. To honor the legacy of the series, each model comes with neon lace dubraes and footbeds that commemorate 30 years of innovative runners. 
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