During the ‘80s at the original Packer store in Yonkers, Ellesse was a coveted staple on the shoe wall. Amidst a crowded marketplace of competing brands at the time, Ellesse stood out from the pack on the strength of its luxurious look and feel and the premium Italian heritage backstory that gave it an intrigue and mystique all its own.

While Ellesse was best known for their presence on the tennis court, the streets of Yonkers, and many cities like it, adopted the brand as their own. They had a variety of popular footwear models during that era, but for many, nothing rivaled the Piazza.

Packer is proud to pay tribute to a cherished chapter in our history by celebrating the return of one of the last buried treasures of the golden age of sneakers. After partnering for the release of the original Vinitziana back in 2017, we urged Ellesse to reach back into their vaults for the Piazza, a shoe that means everything to the collective memory of our two brands.

After over a year of working hand and hand to ensure each aspect of the shoe was perfect, the day we’ve been waiting for is finally here. For our owner, Mike Packer, specifically, who worked in the family shop as a kid and remembers every detail about what these shoes meant and even who bought them, this shoe was his self-proclaimed “white whale”.

In a day and age when seemingly every classic silhouette in sneaker history has been regurgitated and run through the mill ad nauseum, it’s a true honor to be the exclusive retailer for something that will provide a special moment for a lot of people and a rare chance to get back a feeling that only comes along so often in 2019.

The Ellesse Piazza OG ($120) returns this Friday, August 23rd, available only at our Café Ellesse pop-up retail space, located at the Refinery Hotel in New York City. In addition to the release of the shoe, the shop will feature a taste of old NYC/Italian nostalgia complete with premium refreshments and other comforting amenities found inside.
Refinery Hotel, 63 W 38th St NYC
Friday 8/23: 12-7
Saturday 8/24: 12-7
Sunday 8/25: 12-6

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