Rooted in Audi’s design language of future-forward sophistication and uncompromising performance, the Adidas Crazy 1 spoke to the ethos of both German companies as they braved the new millennium. 

Under the creative direction of Peter Moore, Adidas tasked Audi with designing a basketball shoe inspired by the cars, climate, and culture of Southern California. They went about the task of crafting the disruptive silhouette the same way they would approach a vehicle: distill core values into the perfect blend of materials, details, and technology.

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There were no restrictions as the designers went about the process leaning into aesthetics first. At a glance, the cross-pollination in footwear and automobile design as directional objects that focus on dynamic principles and proportions created a common ground between the TT and Crazy 1. Continuous lines, clean surface body, and bullet-nosed front were referenced, and a fresh take elicited a silhouette that took the long-standing, iconic grooved shell-toe from the Superstar, which, the designers felt, resembled the grill of Audi.

With maximalist lines and a clean, sophisticated minimalism, the Crazy 1 demanded attention. Subsequent editions of the silhouette focused on clean colorways, sometimes with simple single or dual-color treatments that resemble a luxury vehicle, somehow both bold and unassuming, a shout and a whisper. 

Fast forward 23 years, its modern-day successor, the Crazy Infinity, continues to boast these design principles while offering up to date tooling that seamlessly blends with contemporary style.