The month of March is a celebration of Women’s History, but also a time to show our appreciation for all the amazing women in our own lives and communities. They make their own history every day with the unique light they each shine on the world, even though we often fail to see it in the moment.
To show love and recognition of that in a way that reflects our own staff and family here at Packer, we've partnered with some incredible women, who out of the pureness of their hearts, use their art and personal resources to uplift and make our world brighter…
"Black Women you are essential, we love you, we see you.” - @ayabrown.tiff
Aya is a Brooklyn born artist using her spotlight to cast one on others — whether that’s people and personal aspects from her own life or identifying beauty and power out in the world where others might not know to look for it.
In 2020, she created her acclaimed "Essential Workers" series, featuring depictions of Black and Brown women, masked up and ready to make sure the places that we need the most keep running — nurses, MTA workers, EMTs, delivery women and more.
Aya captures the beauty of each subject in a sincerely triumphant way with every detail from their posture, to their hair, to their clothes and sneakers providing so much expression, even without being able to see the brave face behind each mask.
As our part of this year’s Air Max Day and Nike's Give Fresh Air initiative, we’ve partnered with Aya to create an info card featuring “Nurse 6, COVID-19” from her Essential Worker series.  This Friday, March 26th, select Air Max purchases will include one of Aya’s cards, along with info on how to donate to Siena House, a transitional house for pregnant and homeless women located in the Bronx. 






@girlsonlyny is a collective bringing color to the world from a variety of angles. From a creative standpoint, there's tattoo art (@tattoosbycake) and apparel design, but that’s coupled with their organic philanthropic efforts supporting the LGBTQ+ community, as well as providing aid to local shelters and charitable causes, such as the community fridge they helped establish in Coney Island.

Founded by Cake and Britt, the Girls Only NY movement is built around the foundations of visibility and inclusivity, and their message and impact continues to provide a constant source of support, positivity and inspiration.

As our part of this year’s Air Max Day and Nike's Give Fresh Air initiative, we’ve partnered to release an exclusive colorway of their SISTERHOOD tee, which has never before been available for retail.

The shirt will be available only at Packer this Friday, March 26th at XXpm. All proceeds will be donated to Siena House.

"The Sisterhood tee was created to spread love and unite the block. If you see someone in it, they support the work. So even if you don’t know them, it’s like okay I see you, you family.” - Cake Robles

Photos: @itsmikeynyc_