Founded in a small factory in Koryo-cho in the Yamato region of Japan, A Hope Hemp has been making quality hemp products inspired by the area's tradition of meticulous garment craftsmanship. A Hope Hemp's artisans use an old knitting machine that makes a high-cushioned sock that retains it shape thorough countless wears. The hand-made Color 3 Nep Side Switching sock offers a mid-length sock made from 50% cotton/ 30% hemp/ and 20% acrylic in a multi-colored weave and a solid color on the toe, heel, and cuff. The Slab Nep Pastel models have a marled design with a single color, and a Slab Nep Plain natural model has an undyed look. 
Available on Packershoes.com and in-store at our Teaneck and Jersey City location.